Things to do

SWIMMING – The climate is so mild that swimming is possible from April to November (sometimes as late as December). There are several beaches in the area for an enjoyable swim, including Loutro Bay.

CANOEING – Canoes are available for rental by the hour or by the day.






DIVING – Notos Mare Diving Center (+28250 91113)

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FISHING – Game fishing trips provided by Notos Mare Diving Center. (+28250 91113)

WALKING TRAILS – For the young at heart, walking trails are avilable to Sweet water beach, Finix, Marmara, Anopoli, and Sfakia. The European hiking footpath E4 crosses the Sfakia/Loutro area. (Various walks around Loutro)





HIKING MOUNTAINS – For the real adventurer the white mountains (Lefka Ori) are all yours for exploring.

WALKING GORGES – The Sfakia/Loutro territory is a hikers dream come true. Aradena Gorge and Imbros Gorge offer some spectacular views. Additionally the famous Samaria Gorge is in the vicinity.

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RELAXING – What better to do than sit back and relax? After all you are on vacation

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BOATING– Rentals are available by the hour or by the day.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITESVisit the Venetian castle and tower on the peninsula between Loutro and Finix.