About Loutro

LoutroThe seaside village of Loutro is situated at the end of Cape Mouri, where the ancient city of Finix stood. The village was named after the baths (Loutra) found in the area, and from which water was directed to nearby Anopoli. Loutro also served as the port of ancient Anopoli. Later it became the winter time port of the town of Sfakia, due to the fact that the enclosed bay and the small island in its entrance create a natural harbor where ships can be safe even in very bad weather conditions. Loutro is completely closed from all roads, only sea and walking path accessible.

Mountains rearing straight up from the sea deep wooded gorges, ravines and valleys, standing proud and acting as a magnet to the eye and the imagination. The Sfakia/Loutro region has been the site of heroic deeds, ancient civilizations, and constant intrigue for thousands of years, and the home of brave tough people, made so by their labors on the land and their experiences.

Today the village of Loutro is a great attraction for tourists, especially for other Cretans who escape the crowded and noisy northern regions of Crete, for peace, fun, and relaxation. Loutro is their secret holiday hideaway not yet discovered by the average tourist. The few foreign tourists that have visited Loutro most likely first got a glimpse of the village while on the ferry boat traveling between Agia Roumeli and Sfakia, and decided that it was a place they had to return to for a holiday.

The majestic scenery, beauty, crystal clear Mediterranean water, friendly people and peacefulness makes Loutro the perfect choice for an unforgettable holiday. All of us here at Loutro invite you to visit us for an experience that will forever remain in your heart.